„Die Drei swingenden Vier“ were founded at Christmas time in 2001,
actually rather coincidentally. At that time Robin Jacob (clarinet)
and Sebastian Wildgrube (trumpet, keyboard) made music at the opening of a
water park in the beautiful Vogtland. The audience enjoyed their jazzy
interpretations of familiar Christmas songs. After this successful start
the idea of making music together faded. But only in spring 2002 the two
students of the Markneukirchen school started to play jazz music again at
different school events under the name “School Brass”. In summer 2002
Andres Steiger joined the band and supported the group as an excellent
pianist, guitarist and singer. From that time on the group played in this
formation until 2007. Then Andres Steiger left the band for private reasons.
After that the ensemble was almost completely reshuffled: the band
consisting of the founders Robin Jacob (singer, guitar, clarinet, saxophone)
and Sebastian Wildgrube (trumpet, piano) grew -
Michael Seidel (trumpet, trombone, baritone) as well as Robin Otto (drums)
joined the group. For the first time the band consisted
of four - rather than the so far three - musicians and so they changed
their name for the last time into „Die Drei swingenden Vier“
(literally meaning “the three swinging four”).
In August 2007 Robin Jacob had to leave for professional reasons
and now is a passive member. The cherry on top was Catrin Enderlein
who joined the band as brilliant singer in May 2008.


In this current formation the "Die Drei swingenden Vier"
play about 40 times each year for all friends of easy listening
and a little different jazzy music. In doing so the band represents
the musictown of Markneukirchen and their school "Gymnasium Markneukirchen".

In 2011 the group is going to celebrate their 10th anniversary.